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GLOBAL ISSUES &INST Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

GLOBAL ISSUES &INST - Essay Example If the U.S. leads the pack in hunting for cleaner energies then surely we would save face for our previous misdeeds. But global warming transcends merely saving face. The reality of the abnormal and harmful weather patterns is something we must live with today. Scientists have linked our current explosion of weather related tragedies to the global warming increase. Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and heat strokes have become a feature of summers are but to name a few of the extremes of weather. Statistically, the hottest years were experienced in the last decade (ESS, 2008). Other health risks have also been cited due to the continued depletion of O-zone, caused by global warming. Cancer of the skin caused by UV-radiations, cataracts and decreased immunity are some of the health risks you face as a result of depletion. The environment, especially animal live suffers from the same and this causes extinction of some species. Failure to recognize the role of organic fuels, chiefly oil, would lead to unprecedented weather and calamity increase, disease and massive financial strains in the efforts to repair (Jackson, 94). Another benefit of clean energy is the reduced dependency on foreign oil. The USA consumes the most amount of oil globally and is the biggest importer of the same. This has led to many problems including exploitation by the oil cartels, the biggest being OPEC. Oil has become an instrument of political and diplomatic exploitation, especially with matters concerning the Middle East. This has been so especially after the 6 Day War. A country bearing oil has become a major voice in international affairs as they can cause the destabilization of world markets practically overnight (Zycher, 2008). The last few weeks have borne witness to this fact where the impact of the oil fields of the remote Arabian deserts cause tremors at the very pinnacle of Wall Street. Reducing dependency has very obvious advantages in this light: it would reduce the bargaining power of these countries at the international and domestic front. Humanitarian issues such as modern day slavery, women emancipation and g ross abuse of democracy by these countries are very difficult to handle since they have oil power. They can refuse to sell if they perceive you as hostile causing an energy crisis of great magnitudes. Mr. Obama is on the long term strategy road to finally rid them of their bargaining platform and allow them to be subject to the rules of humanitarianism. The third benefit as cited by the President-elect is the revival of the economy. This statement seems like an oxymoron bearing in mind that clean energies require expensive infrastructure. Though this is true, the long term benefits of this investment would pay off. Imagine having hybrid automobiles that run on electricity and hydrogen drawn from water. The electricity would be generated from nuclear energy and other forms. We would use solar energy to light our houses. Create proper insulation so that we cut down on heating costs and harness wind energy for various other chores. This dream of an oil-free energy sector would result in the saving of billions of dollars incurred in buying and importing this resource. This would result in savings from government, household and business levels. These savings from the household could be channeled to increase domestic demand or saved. Both of these options are good for the economy. The

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Retailing and Wholesaling MBA (Masters Level) Essay

Retailing and Wholesaling MBA (Masters Level) - Essay Example Value-added resellers normally have a disadvantage in cost structure compared to channel members that compete mainly on the basis of price or convenience, such as discount stores or mail-order firms. This means that the value-added reseller in a diverse multiple channel context must either (1) charge a higher price than other channel members based on the provision of valued services or (2) live with a relatively small gross margin (Dunne and Lusch 2007). Professor Leo Aspinwall advanced the depot theory to explain some of the reasons for the changes that have occurred in the physical handling and storing of goods, the growth of manufacturers' wholesale branches, and the changing position of general-line wholesaling. The depot theory of distribution states that goods tend to move toward the point of final consumption at a rate established by the ultimate consumer. The theory views depots as places that move rather than store goods -- that get goods to retailers at the lowest handling and transportation costs (Dunne and Lusch 2007). Accordingly, a steady flow of goods is envisaged from production to final consumption. The intermediaries facilitating the flow are in essence depots that perform a largely service function on the basis of costs of services performed, and so tend to eliminate merchandising profits. For example, backward integration of retail food chains and cost-plus wholesalers illustrate the performance of the depot func tion and the elimination of merchandising costs (Dunne and Lusch 2007). If the retailer links with independent channel members in one or several of its multiple channels (e.g., it uses independent sales representatives), the same basic challenges faced by the manufacturer in utilizing multiple channels could be faced by the retailer as well. Intrabrand or intratype competition could be heightened in the territories served by the retailer's multiple channels, prices and margins could be reduced, conflicts and alienation could arise, and support and control could wane (at least in the independent channels) (Dunne and Lusch 2007). The functions of retailers in the channel have been to assemble merchandise, maintain an inventory, price, promote, advertise, sell, and account for the merchandise, again as a service to the manufacturer and the ultimate consumer. Further, retailers have also provided a place for consumers to shop and find other services that might assist them in obtaining or using the available goods. The channel systems that have developed and, granted, have been improved over the years, have been built on some very basic beliefs about consumers, their needs and wants, and what they are willing to accept from channel members. It is these basic marketplace assumptions that are being challenged by direct and database marketers (Dunne and Lusch 2007). As was discussed earlier, technology and communication allow consumers to learn about and demand increasingly differentiated and even personalized products. As this occurs, the traditional economies of scale that have accrued to those manufacturers and retailers with extensive facilities and large sales volumes are no longer important in the marketplace. Smaller companies, using technology and direct and database marketing approaches, can compete not only effectively, but in many cases more efficiently than can large companies. As technology expands and sales-driven inventorying become

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How to Cook For College Professors

How to Cook For College ProfessorsThe latest show on the Food Network is called Cook the Book, and each episode has been showing the best ways to cook a meal to impress professors in college classrooms. In the above video we'll talk about what happens in the kitchen at the next stage of the show.When you have an interview, you don't need to do it at an extremely early hour. If you are only allowed to come in after dinner, it will help you make sure that you come up with a shorter and more interesting interview. Also, you can use this time to help practice your cooking. Plus you can use it to really let the whole host of 'people' know your personality.Here is how it's done. First of all, you will start off by preparing the dish that you will be doing an interview on. Then, you will serve it to the host of the show and he will ask you to describe it. From this, you will learn what you need to do with a particular dish.When you get home, you can begin to prepare your dishes for the next interview. Your host will most likely make the dish and you will be asked to come up with an observation on the dish. Now you are using your dish from the interview to demonstrate what you like and dislike about the dish. Plus, you will learn what you need to do for the dish. This is a great way to learn to talk and more importantly to learn how to cook properly.You will now have two ways to learn more about new foods, one which is classroom and one which is at the end of the show. This means that you can continue to learn the process and practice your techniques. The problem is that when you learn techniques and are asked to do something, you are forced to test them.If you are forced to create new types of dishes, you won't be able to do this to each new cook you see. The audience won't be able to tell you that the dish was delicious and will give you the feedback that you need to do better. This is the only way that you will be able to make new dishes without having to worry abou t creating something too good.Just remember that cooking at home is a great way to learn things from experience, however you are not the only person who can use this as a teaching tool. So don't be afraid to take classes or get help in the kitchen and let your personality shine through.

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Top Guide of Grade 3 Term Test Papers Sinhala Medium

Top Guide of Grade 3 Term Test Papers Sinhala Medium The questions at the conclusion of the paper are extremely challenging so may use up a little longer time to address. Practising papers without understanding is only going to cause your kid to memorise steps and won't attain any results. The key thing about learning, whether you're an adult or a kid, is it should stay an interesting and fun activity and our English learning materials can guarantee that. Describe a single play activity to evaluate how developed a kid's capability to seriate is. Download our free maths papers for your kid to utilize so as to help develop their abilities and also to have the ability to find out what progress is being made. Children who didn't improve despite putting in lots of practice will begin to develop the self-limiting belief they are bad in Math. Sample paper for class 9 maths totally free PDF download can be found on our site for students to acquire a neutral idea of the sort of questions which can help them bag good marks in their exams. You're able to locate them through the links further down the webpage. When you have finished the online English test, you should click the SUBMIT button at the base of the webpage. See bottom of page for additional information. Life, Death and Grade 3 Term Test Papers Sinhala Medium If you're not sure of your level, take the completely free level test. Your activities ought to be at various levels of difficulty. By doing so the students may boost their time-management skills. The test turns out to be a bit of complete information regarding the weaknesses and strengths of a student as well as the full class. The expense of delivery will count on the variety of items purchased by you. On delivery you're going to be asked to sign a proof of delivery which shall be conclusive evidence which you've received your purchase. There's no need of registration and you don't have to pay the money. An administrative fee might be charged. Classes 2 students must have an amazing practice of all of the concept and among the best approaches to accomplish the exact same is through Sample Papers. Learning doesn't need to be tedious or boring. By practicing CBSE Class 10 Maths sample paper students may score great marks in their Maths paper because it is going to supply the students with a lot of numerical difficulties. Students have checked the comprehensive Class 2 Maths Sample Paper in pdf for the good score in the last examination. Whatever They Told You About Grade 3 Term Test Papers Sinhala Medium Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why The class packs include an all-inclusive guide on the way the tests ought to be administered and marked so the scores will be just and consistent across the school. It is crucial that you research what test format the schools you're applying for use. When you have submitted your answers you'll be given an estimation of your present amount of English. Learn how to utilize Ratio or the unitary approach to address these sorts of questions. Granted, although computers and connectivity are everywhere, there continue to be some of us that are scared of them and aren't confident whatsoever about the way to use them. The learning materials are strictly meant for your private use and ought not to be used for any kinds of commercial transactions. All applications for review ought to be made via the school. Application for access arrangements have to be done by means of your school. In truth, it can be interesting and capable of teaching concepts to students. Within this e-book, you will come across methods on the way to improve your child's memory with brain training methods. This way, your kid will get to apply the writing methods and strategies taught in the internet course. Children who can grasp the basics of phonics have a tendency to learn how to read quicker and have a great comprehension of language. All About Grade 3 Term Test Papers Sinhala Medium He really is quite clever. We're sure that you'll enjoy them. Count to inform the range of objects. Where to Find Grade 3 Term Test Papers Sinhala Medium Occasionally it can feel like there are too many exams to keep up with, therefore we've created this post that will help you st ay informed on the many main school tests your youngster must take. Before you take a look at the hottest past papers. To guarantee that the tests are classroom-ready, the papers are trialled in a diverse assortment of schools located across the nation. After all, it's the very first significant exam milestone in their lives and they may not understand what things to anticipate. Most Noticeable Grade 3 Term Test Papers Sinhala Medium Model drawing will be a terrific tool to address such questions as it gives us a crystal clear picture of the relationship of the products. That was a horrible situation to say. You have 60 parts of candy. Justify your pick of examples. Give examples to back up your explanation also. Luckily, there are lots of great books and guides available that will hand-hold you through all you need to understand. There are a few things you'll need to stay in mind if you wish to take online classes. Although you might have to attend some evening classes to begin with so you may secure the tools you have to take online classes, it is going to be well worth the effort. Education and exams shouldn't be the last stage for young men and women, but the beginning of their life.

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Should College Atheltes Be Paid Essay - an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesnt

Should College Atheltes Be Paid Essay - an in Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn't Other people believe the scholarships ought to be enough. Scholarships are not anything more than a recruitment tactic. They were not intended to be a way to attract top athletes to a school who have no interest in gaining an education. They cover the tuition that is needed to attend college. Choosing Good Should College Atheltes Be Paid Essay Team sports like soccer or basketball, in addition to individual sports are very popular worldwide. The explanations for why college athletes ought to be paid are significant. All the money which is created from athletics is broken down and dispersed via the university. The typical buzz that's experienced when colleges take part in sports would be lost when they opt to pay the athletes. College sports ought to be considered a profession and athletes deserve to get paid for what they do. There's a large number of controversies in college athletics. In the past college athletes weren't allowed to have work beyond college. Hearsay, Deception and Should College Atheltes Be Paid Essay In reality, some sports have a good deal more money to spend than others. As an issue of fact, most college athletes concur they have to be paid. Also the NCAA doesn't have a good deal of TV time in comparison with others, but they make a whole lot of money for the time they have. The manner college process is set up today isn't by any means perfect. The Fight Against Should College Atheltes Be Paid Essay Coaches are also gathering a massive quantity of money. Many athletes feel discouraged and mistreated since they don't get any of the money that's generated on their account. If you're going to begin paying athletes, each one of the athletes need to get paid the exact quantity of money, and all the colleges would have to have the same quantity of money to pay their athletes with, which might be pre-determined by the NCAA. Athletes should receive their payment because of their tremendous performance in sports. Universities also rely a lot on their athletes when it has to do with producing and keeping up the standing of the schooling entity. They are capable of paying their student-athletes but it's not likely to happen because of the financial policies and regulations. College Universities generate as much revenue during the year that it's only reasonable to the players to obtain part of that as compensation. Many argue thatthe process is fine just the way it's, but they're not fullyconsidering the requirements of the student athlete. Then, because you frequently miss class and are fighting to continue to keep your grades up, you own a tutoring session. The purpose of visiting college is to find training and knowledge for a career you will pursue in your future. In regard to opposition, it's logical for the students to continue being unpaid since they also receive a free education. C. High school and underclassmen are extremely eager to create the jump to the pros due to these reasons. For quite a while now, there's been a huge debate about whether college athletes should be paid. Students need to pay for classes itself, and pay for books and housing and that is only the beginning of it. Put simply, the students are just as with any other person on campus. The Benefits of Should College Atheltes Be Paid Essay It's tough to make a position on a college team. Many folks think if colleges begin to pay athletes there'll be a good deal of corruption in college sports. Paying college athletes is problematic for lots of explanations. Nearly every college athlete was a star athlete in high school and obt aining a spot on any team is extremely difficult to do and obtaining a scholarship is extremely tricky to do. New Step by Step Roadmap for Should College Atheltes Be Paid Essay If a school produces an enormous scientific achievement, they'll be in the newspaper for a couple of days. Aside from graduations rates increasing, the college environment is the ideal incubation ground at the place where they can mature their abilities and talents to the next degree of their sports careers. Students have to likewise purchase school supplies, and a few classes have individual items which they have to purchase for their classes. Usually, a college student should not lose out on a class especially as a consequence of taking part in sports.

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Development in Moroccan Economy Essay Example for Free

Development in Moroccan Economy Essay Economic Environment Development of the Moroccan Economy The Moroccan economy is known for its macroeconomic stability. Inflation rates have always been relatively low, mainly due to the country’s restrictive currency regime. Morocco has been characterised by moderate to high growth rates. The country has benefited from its low labour cost and strategic location near the European mainland. Morocco has experienced a stronger growth than usual since the year 2000, caused by improved weather conditions, a strong export growth and various liberalizing policies. These liberalizing policies have been introduced by King Mohammed VI in 2003. He came up with a number of economic reforms resulting in a growth of the small modern manufacturing sector and the development of the tourism industry. He has put his main focus on the European Union since the Free Trade Agreement in the year 2000. Morocco’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has steadily gone up since 2002. According to statistics of â€Å"Datamonitor 360† the GDP in 2002 was about 40 billion dollar, in 2010 the GDP had grown to approximately 60 billion dollar. That is a rise of 50% in only eight years time. The World Factbook from the CIA mentions that in 2010 Morocco ranked number 58 in the world when it comes to the GDP. The real GDP growth rate has not been negative since 2002. In 2010 Morocco ranked number 77 in the world of real GDP growth. The lowest growth rate was about 2,5% in 2005 and 2007 and peeked with 7,5% in 2006. This could have possibly been caused by the Free Trade Agreement with the United States of America, which was introduced in 2006. I will further explain the results of the Free Trade Agreement with the EU and the USA later on in this chapter. The three main sectors: industry, service and agriculture, all grew steadily the past ten years. In 2009 the service sector was the biggest sector and contributed 49,4% to the GDP, the industry sector came second with 31,3% followed by the agriculture with 19,2%. Morocco has a profitable industry sector, mainly because of its large amounts of phosphate. Tourism plays a big role in the service sector. The tourism industry has remained vibrant despite the Casablanca bombings in 2003 and 2007. Morocco’s external trade has also been increasing steadily, with only a slight decrease in 2009. However, the total external trade still grew from 25,7 billion dollars in 2002 to 77,6 billion dollars in 2009. This is a growth of 51,9 billion dollars, which is a growth percentage of approximately 202%. Even though Morocco’s economy has been doing well the past decade, the unemployment rate is still relatively high. During the period from 2002 to 2008 the unemployment rate was at least 11%. In 2007 a small decrease of unemployment of 300 thousand took place, still leaving 1,1 million people unemployed. By the end of 2008 the unemployment rate was 9,6%. In 2009 a total of 93,000 new jobs got created resulting in a decrease to 9,1% by the end of 2009. We can conclude that the overall Moroccan economy has shown a fairly good development, but there is still a lot more to improve. The government has been working on new reforms that should lead to better business conditions in the country. International Financial Crisis Morocco together with Algeria and Tunisia has been one of the least affected countries by the international financial crisis. The international financial crisis started with the credit crunch in the US. Morocco has not been affected by this so-called credit crunch, because Morocco does not have the kind of credit that caused the American credit crunch. Besides this Morocco had minimal exposure to foreign assets. Morocco did however get affected by the international financial crisis as soon as it hit Europe. The Western European crisis resulted in diminishing growth rates. The crisis in Europe did not only slow down Moroccan export rates, but also the tourism industry. As European unemployment rates increased, many Moroccans working abroad lost their jobs, causing a decline in remittances. Morocco has been able to keep the negative effects of the international financial crisis to a minimum due to its good macroeconomic policy, an open economy, clear trade policies and several investment opportunities with emerging countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Because of the effects the financial crisis has had in Europe and the US, Gulf investors are expected to invest in African countries and the Middle East. At the end of 2008 Gulf investors announced a 1,7 billion US dollar investment in real estate in Morocco. These investments and planned reforms will make sure the Moroccan economy will continue to grow in the future. Effects FTA US and EU Morocco’s economy has largely benefited from the free trade agreements it has made with the European Union and the United States. In 1996 Morocco signed an association agreement with the European Union. The association became effective on March 1, 2000. The free trade agreement with the EU is mainly applied on industrial products and hardly any agricultural products. The objective is to have completely free trade between Morocco and the EU by 2012. In 2010 the EU proposed a new trade deal with Morocco to include duty-free trade in agricultural, food and fisheries products. On June 15, 2004 Morocco also signed a free trade agreement with the USA, which became effective on January 1, 2006. For America this was the second Arab-US free trade agreement and the first African-US free trade agreement. During a video of the ‘Moroccan American Trade and Investment Council’ the counsellor to King Mohammed VI for financial and economic affairs says about the FTA with the US: â€Å"We want to put Morocco as a platform for business with Europe, with the US, with Asia, China, Africa, Middle East. It was part of a global vision of Morocco. † Mr. Hassan, the president of the Moroccan Business Association says during the same video â€Å"The Morocco – US free trade agreement is a great opportunity for the Moroccan economy. † Due to the free trade agreements many American and European businesses have opened establishments in Morocco. These businesses have employed thousands of Moroccans causing a decline in the unemployment rate of the country. Both free trade agreements have been a huge step in the right direction for Morocco. The country still has a lot of poverty and unemployment; much more is needed to solve the country’s issues. However, the country is one of the most stable African and Arab nations. Current Economic System Morocco has a relatively liberal market economy regulated by supply and demand. From 1993 onwards there has been a policy of privatization. The heritage foundation, a research and educational institution, has come up with an index of economic freedom. This index makes it possible to measure the economic freedom in countries around the world. The world average score on the index of 2011 is 59. 7 out of 100 points. Morocco’s overall score is 59. 6, only a tenth point under the world average. Morocco is the 93rd country on the 2011 world rank of economic freedom. The regional average of the Middle East and North Africa is 60. 6, which makes Morocco the 10th country on the list of 17 regional countries. The overall score is determined by ten economic freedoms. In figure below the ranking of all ten separate economic freedoms of Morocco compared to the world average is shown. The most important economic freedom for this specific country report is business freedom. The business freedom represents the procedures for setting up and registering a private enterprise and the possibilities of private investment and production. In figure you can clearly see the Moroccan business freedom compared to the Dutch business freedom. King Mohammed VI has come up with many economic and non-economic reforms over the years. The two largest current reforms are the â€Å"Plan Maroc Vert† (Green Plan) and the â€Å"Plan Emergence†.

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Looking at Eyewitness TEstimony :: essays research papers

Assignment #2 Article #17 Looking Askance at Eyewitness Testimony   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The use of eyewitnesses has been a constant in of criminal justice system since its very beginning. Unfortunately, people do not make the best witnesses to a crime. The person may not have seen the actual criminal, but someone that looks similar to them. The witness may lie about what he or she may have scene. Also the witness can be influenced by the police as to who or what they saw at the time of the crime. The witness or victims memory of the person may have faded so that they don’t remember exactly what had seen, which could be disastrous for the accused.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  With all these possible flaws in the testimony of witnesses and victims why do they continue to use them as primary evidence in criminal cases? The answer is simple; until recently there was no other way to prove whether or not a person was actually at the scene of a crime unless someone saw them or they left some finger prints behind that the police were able to link back to someone, which may have not been left on the victim but in the general vicinity. Until recently, with the recent breakthrough in DNA testing which allows police and investigators to gain an exact match as to who committed the crime.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I personally feel that this is a much more reliable and accurate than relying on the testimony of witnesses. I believe through the use of science we as a society can now make sure that the guilty are caught and punished while the innocent are protected from wrongful prosecution. However the eyewitness should not be completely left out of the case against the possible offender. After it is determined through scientific evidence, in this case DNA, that the physically involved in the crime then witnesses can be brought in to give testimony that the offender was present at the crime scene or the victim can be sure that the accused was truly the one involved in the actual crime.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Also the procedures for recording eyewitnesses testimony have to be revised.